Noisy November vol 2


3.11.2017 kell 20:00 – 23:59
Jakobsoni 18, Viljandi

Noisy Novembri teisel õhtul asutvad Supersonicumis publiku ette Emer Värk ja Renzo Van Steenbergen Tallinnast ning Simonas Nekrošius ja Mikalojus Smulskis Vilniusest.

Second night of Noisy November will be occupied by Emer Värk & Renzo Van Steenbergen from Tallinn and Simonas Nekrošius & Mikalojus Smulskis from Vilnius.

Emer Värk and Renzo van Steenbergen “Tactile Distortion”
“Tactile Distortion” is a project that pushes boundaries in the field of harsh experimental electronic music and live cinema by two genre-defying artists: Emer Värk and Renzo van Steenbergen. Sometimes noisy, sometimes minimalist, rich, immersive, danceable and austere, but overall a challenging and exhilarating audio-visual meditation that will have your head bopping and your heart pumping. Renzo believes that music does not exist in time but rather creates it, and considers that music is not the art of sound but rather the art of the transcendence of sound. Emer is an Estonian artist primary focused on projections and light in the space and its influences on our perception, mood and emotions.

Simonas Nekrošius and Mikalojus Smulskis presents collaborative acoustic sound project with DIY objects.
Simonas’ “Nesting boxes” are motorized sound sculptures. The sound comes from strings, that are stroke by a propeller. The frequency is regulated by a controller, and this is how the strength of the sound and waves are manipulated. The boxes and strings of the objects are meant to reinforce the sound and resonation. The sound balances between the changing rhythm and all–surrounding noise.
Mikalojus will present Sound Pipes. Compresed air flow is regulated with pulls and vibrates balloon-covers. Balloons resonate with pipes and create oscilating sound waves. Sound can go from lfo to uncomfortable high frequency.
Together these two sound artists are creating industrial noise. Noise full of harmonies and disharmonies, sound full of sound.