Merike Estna fragments from the shattered toe


29.09-25.11.2017 Kunstraum, London

Merike Estna’s solo-exhibition at Kunstraum incorporates an intricately painted stage/floor painting which, over the course of the exhibition, hosts a series of performance events from international dancers, musicians and artist, against a backdrop of Estna’s large-scale curtain painting and other new works.

In her practice Estna seeks for the conceptual integration of painting and daily life, often inscribing the languages, processes and applications of painting onto scenic design and stage-setups. Estna embeds patterns and colour combinations derived from applied arts vocabularies – which haven’t traditionally been accepted in the discourse of painting – juxtaposed with what have become familiar motifs of digital communication. Estna’s work challenges the masculine territory of painting and questions the strict visual separation between painting and craft discourses. The works are often activated by visitors or gallery staff: as drinks or cakes served, as clothing or hand towels. Her installations become a meeting point for exchange between visitors and the often unstable qualities of painting.

Exhibition continues until 25 November. Supported using public funding by Arts Council england; Cockayne – Grants for the Arts and The London Community Foundation; Republic of Estonia Ministry of Culture and The Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center; and Eesti Kultuurkapital. Merike Estna’s work’s courtesy of Temnikova & Kasela, Talinn.