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10.04, 12.04.2018 Varvara & Mar stuudio 312

The workshop introduces all possible tools, technologies and processes of a creator working with the contemporary tools in the post-digital age.

Based on the experience gathered during its years of creation, the artist-duo Mar & Varvara has compiled an atlas of materials to facilitate a journey through the components of digital art, illustrating it with examples of their own creations and of others recognized artists.

All interest groups are welcome: artists, designers, architects, producers, curators, etc.
The duration of the workshop is 8h in total (on the 10th and 12th April).

Where: Varvara & Mar (ARSi maja, Pärnu mnt. 154, stuudio 312, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia)

Participation fee: 60eur

The workshop takes place if there are minimum of 6 participants.
Register before the 8th April by sending email to:

Day 1 (16:00 to 20:00):
Analysis of the code as an artistic tool:
– Programming languages
– Programming frameworks
– Algorithms
– Operating systems
Analysis of computer hardware:
– Computers
– Microcontrollers
– Cloud (cloud computing)

Day 2 (16:00 to 20:00):
Analysis of the different interfaces:
– Sensors
– Cameras
– Actuators
– Screens
– VR Helmets
– Projectors
– Tactile
– Audio
– Brain
– Muscle
– Actuators
– Light
Analysis of digital manufacturing systems:
– Laser cutter
– 3d print
– Basic guide of preparation and installation of pieces of new media for exhibitions.