ARS Showcase_Drunk for FRAM


27.04-9.05.2019 ARS Showcase, 24/7

Exhibition of Glenn Espinosa curated by Morgane Baffier.

« I remember the video stores, there are only a handful of them left in France, one of them was called YoYo Video, I used to go there.
With internet and streaming, those shops are slowly closing. Some of them are trying to survive by reorienting in something else.
Just like travel agencies, trying to survive.
My agency, a small and local one, with just a few staff, is going to be closed, forever. Passers-by will no longer be able to stroll in front of our window, dreaming about travelling… Even if we are located in a strategic place in the city of Bordeaux, allée de Tourny, which was full of travel agencies for years.

FRAM VOYAGES, a french travel agency company, filed for bankruptcy in 2015. My neighbours, are also leaving their ship. Bankruptcy, massive layoffs…
Before leaving this alley, allée Tourny, this agency of 11 employees decided to make a wine cuvée. A wine cuvée in tribute to years spent together. 40 boxes of 6 bottles. One of them is mine. But I can’t keep it. It’s too hard, too hard to realise that this aventure is over.
Drink it for me.
Drink this cuvée in memory of video stores,
drink this cuvée in memory of travel agencies that are disappearing,
drink for FRAM… »