Portfolio Space is an art space dedicated to artsts’ portfolios.
Every month an artist presents his/her portfolio at Portfolio Space.

The portfolio is the key for understanding, to get into the artist territory, and into her/his practice. It must be a retrospective dialogue between the works, an exhaustive compilation of artworks reflecting a singular manner, style or behaviour. Basically a document to understand everything about someone.

Art space, Portfolio Space is curated by Camille Laurelli
Contact: camille.laurelli@gmail.com

February 2019
It’s not the truth I see / It’s just a mockery / Don’t need to waste my time / You know I’ve really tried / You take and never give / Make it so hard to live / I’m hangin’ on a ledge / Push me over the edge / Don’t do the things you do / Don’t have to oblige you / Makin choices on my own / Don’t buy their trite or drone / Grow up and be a man. Lyrics from Over the Edge by Wipers.

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