ARS Art Factory – inspiration, innovation and tradition since 1975.
More than 90 artists, designers and creative companies.

ARS Art Factory is the biggest centre for creating and producing art in Estonia. There are more than 90 artists, designers and creative companies working here and various events and programmes are organised for art professionals as well as art lovers. ARS Project Space has become a prestigious venue for exhibitions and cultural events.

The predecessor of the present-day creative hub is the legendary ARS Art Products Factory (founded in 1975). Art products (ceramics, textiles, decorative metalwork, leather etc.) were designed and produced here by a staff of several hundred artists, master craftspeople and workers that were well known across the Soviet Union, but also in the Nordic countries. Even decades after the golden age of the factory, products made at the Art Products Factory are still to be found in almost every Estonian home – even entire sets of tableware, collections of books or jewellery.

Today, ARS is an art community that combines innovation and history, contemporary practices and technology and the traditional skills of professional art in Estonia. Artist studios, workshops and galleries are the cornerstone of the contemporary creative centre. The collaborative use of services and resources supports its effectiveness; new works of art, products and services emerge from the encounters between the creative people. ARS Art Factory belongs to the Estonian Artists’ Association, which allows artists to have a say in developing the centre and gives them a stronger sense of security for the future.


With the support of Enterprise Estonia, the project “Open ARS” will be realised from 2017 to 2019, focusing on the development of a central promotional training centre, project space and ceramics centre. A major part of the project is the provision of various production and presentation facilities and packages of support services to creative entrepreneurs supporting their professional development, cooperation and sales activity.

ARS Art Factory strives to become an international centre of excellence in design, applied art and contemporary art in the Baltic Sea region and further afield. In the vision of the artists, ARS is primarily a seedbed of good ideas, a kind of creative ‘oasis’ in an urban environment. ARS Art Factory is located within walking distance of Tallinn’s city centre and can be easily accessed by public transport. Even the airport is only 30 minutes away by tram.

The Estonian Artists’ Association, with nearly 1,000 members and 19 sub-associations, is one of the largest creative unions in Estonia, and is also the owner and developer of Estonia’s largest creative infrastructure. The aim of the association is to protect artists’ interests and support their creative activity.